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About Zora Kader

Zora Kader is a Canadian artist who sells her work mainly online, at the ebay website. Contemporary cubism is the style she employs in her work. Cubism is a school of art developed in Paris at the beginning of the previous century. The non-objective style is distinguished from others by the reduction and breaking up of natural forms into abstract structures. The style generally involves usage of geometric structures and patterns. The artist portrays the subject from multiple viewpoints to portray the bigger picture. Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque are the major pioneers of cubism. Some of Zora Kader's best-known works are 'In my mother's arms', 'Madonna with child', 'The embrace', 'The feast', 'Still life in moonlight', 'Playing with my horse', 'Violin player' and 'Angel with Dove'. Along with her works, Zora Kader also provides a Certificate of Authencity that bears her signature as well as the date on which it was painted. An inspirational and religious theme runs throughout her works. The artist can also be classified as an expressionist, as there is often a distortion of reality in her works that stir the soul of the observer. There is an overlapping of the planes of the object with those of the subject presenting an incoherent shallowness that is representative of cubism. There is a great variety of color in each painting. Zora uses contrast in colors to produce an exhilarating effect on the observer.