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About Boppy Baby Products

Boppy baby products are specifically designed to help pregnant and new mothers cope with the physically straining aspects of pregnancy and motherhood. Boppy products focus on support and comfort through the use of ergonomically designed pillows. Boppy baby products are specially equipped to provide pregnant and nursing women and their newborn babies with the ability to sleep, nurse, and relax without placing undue strain on their back, shoulders, or arms. The flagship product of the Boppy baby product line is their nursing pillow. Designed ergonomically in a U-shape, these nursing pillows offer support for the baby while it is being breast-fed. Finding a comfortable position while nursing a baby isn't easy. The Boppy baby nursing pillow positions the baby in such a way that it can feed comfortably while limiting the strain on the mother.Finding comfort during a pregnancy is another difficult task to accomplish. As the womb expands to accommodate the growing baby, women often toss and turn trying to find an elusive position where they will be able to sleep or even sit. Boppy baby products include a number of items such as the Lumbar Cushion, Cuddle Pillow, Pregnancy Wedge and Back Support Cushion for use in gaining comfort various positions.In addition to these Boppy baby products, the company also offers a number of accessories such as their Boppy Noggin Nest Head Supporter, Boppy Luxe Newborn Lounger and Boppy On-the-Go. There are even a number of items that can be used in conjunction with the Boppy pillows to provide the baby with playful exercises. Each product is designed to offer the same quality comfort and support, allowing mothers and children to relax safely.