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About Dc800 Bluetooth Stereo Transceiver

The DC800 Bluetooth Stereo Transceiver is a remarkable device with 100-meter music sourcing capability. You can use it in conjunction with a standard USB adapter, such as the PC850 by Motorola, to direct audio for home stereo listening at a distance. Although the DC800 does not come with a remote control, it is very user-friendly, and consumer reviews have by and large been very positive.This device comes with a 3.5 mm jack adapter and superior warranty protection. Many reviewers have compared the DC800 with Logitech's Wireless Home Music System. If you are a college student studying in your dorm at night, you can use these headphones to obfuscate ambient noise and concentrate on your work. Conversely, if you want to blast your music without disturbing your parents or neighbors, the DC800 can direct your sound seamlessly over a local network.This transceiver is best employed with another Bluetooth device to connect music sources (such as a computer) to a music output device, such as a stereo or a pair of headphones. Motorola makes a very compatible set of headphones called the HT820, and you can utilize the DC800 as far as 100 meters from the mp3/music system source. Fresh out of the box, the device comes with a one year limited warranty, a power supply, and a guide to get you started. You can wirelessly listen to your telephone and connect your DC800 device up to your phone so that you hear incoming calls even if your music is turned way up. This adapter is a fully integrated Bluetooth companion component with durable internal electronics and sound engineering. It comes with a number of RCA cables to assist with a range of adaptive capacities.