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About Motorola Bt Fusion

British Telecom has been operational since 1846, then known as Post Office Telecommunications. Initially it functioned as a telegraph company that provided telegraphic services in the mid 1800's. With the invention of the telephone in 1876, the face of telecommunications changed drastically. Post Office Telecommunications also started manufacturing phones and soon became the leading provider in the UK. It was only on the 1st of October, 1981 that Post Office Telecommunication was renamed to British Telecom (BT). They are the foremost providers of fixed line telecommunications in the United Kingdom and are effective in more than 170 countries worldwide. 'We know that many of our customers enjoy the convenience of their mobile phones when they're out and about, but switch to using a landline phone when they arrive back home to save money or because they have little or no mobile coverage', observed Ian Livingstone, chief executive of BT Retail. With this vision, BT decided to offer its customers the best of both worlds by launching BT Fusion. This innovative mobile service is looking to change the way mobile phones are used these days. This system makes use of the phone's very own wireless Bluetooth software to do a VoIP through an Internet gateway via a hub. Put in simple words, the phone connects via Bluetooth to a hub installed at home that in turn connects the user to a landline connection. Using BT Fusion will reduce the effective cost of using a mobile phone at home drastically and also eliminate the need of an extra fixed line phone. However if the user still wishes to retain his/her BT landline, he/she is welcome to do so as BT Fusion is totally independent; the user gets a completely different number with their BT Fusion connection. The BT Fusion facility is so versatile that you can make up to 3 phone calls simultaneously and it still won't burn a hole through your pocket. You can also pair your mobile phone with friends and family so that you can both avail of this facility whilst at each others' place. The BT Home Hub also doubles as a wireless router so you can connect up to 10 different devices such as notebooks, printers and game consoles simultaneously to the Internet. Motorola, a multi-billion dollar telecommunications giant has tied up with BT to provide state-of-the art mobile phones for British Telecom's one of a kind BT Fusion mobile phone service. Motorola initially launched the Motorola v560 that has been dubbed the 'Blue phone'. They then followed it up with the popular Motorola RAZR V3B. These stylish quad band phones can be used internationally and are also packed with a whole lot of advanced multimedia features. This collaboration has proven to be a success story that has taken mobile telecommunications to a whole new level.