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About Motorola Miniblue H5 (headset)

Motorola's, latest headset is the Motorola MINI BLUE H5 (headset). It is a sophisticated and stylish headset designed around the way one's body works. Equipped with a microphone and an in-ear speaker, it picks up the voice of the user through its ear canal. The MINI BLUE H5 is designed in a manner, to reduce surrounding noise and enable clear communication in crowded and noisy environment. Measuring at a mere 33 x 41mm, and weighing at 0.26 ounces, it is small enough, with a flanged ear tip to guarantee a comfortable in-ear fit. The good thing about this headset is its built-in microphone, and speaker which routes voices through the user's ear canal, avoiding unnecessary screaming and howling of individuals, in order to get a message through. In addition, the MINI BLUE does not feature a booming microphone, unlike other headsets. This revolutionary headset, bids goodbye to bulky device's that had to be wrapped around the ears, with its wires dangling below. The MINI BLUE headset packs in a battery so powerful, that the user can talk wire free for up to 7.5 hours using the included portable charging base. It is perhaps the smallest Bluetooth headset available today; it comes with a silver, stylish portable charging base. The MINI BLUE works with most Bluetooth enabled cell phones, and accommodates a range of up to 30 feet.