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About Nextel Text Messaging

The history of text-based messaging dates back all the way to 1982, although the explosion in popularity did not occur until the last several years. Text messaging has also given rise to a form of written slang, which facilitates a faster input of the message and compensates for the space limitations of the message itself. Text messaging is especially popular amongst young people, who account for a large percentage of its usage. Text messaging is also popular in Australia, Europe, and parts of Asia. One of the benefits of text messaging is that it is silent. This can be useful in situations where making noise is frowned upon, such as a movie theater or proprietary conversations.Text messaging has also given rise to an abbreviated form of the English language known simply as 'txt.' Users with older phones tend to use these txt abbreviations almost exclusively. Newer phones, though, including many models by Nextel, feature what's known as Predictive Text, which anticipates what you want to type, finishing words for you. Of course, the layout of the keypad also plays a role in the ease of texting. While higher-end phones may feature full QWERTY keypads, most users get by with the standard nine-button format.Nextel text messaging can be used with any rate plan. Plans are available that allow for a certain number of messages. If a person goes over the allotted number of messages, fees will apply for each additional message.