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About Sprint Text Message

Short message service, or SMS, is commonly known as text messaging. The exchange of text between mobile devices (phones, laptops and PDAs) has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Now most cell phones are text message-enabled, allowing users to communicate without using precious minutes. Some Sprint cell phones even enable the inclusion of emoticons within a text message. As a result, text messaging has become one of the most convenient and quick ways of communicating with others. A Sprint text message is created using the letter keypad on the cell phone. Much like a computer keyboard, the user types a message and then sends the message electronically like he or she would an email; however, there is one major difference. Sending a Sprint text message does not require the use of the Internet. Text messages are sent via the same network that connects mobile phone calls. They can be sent to mobile phone users within and beyond the United States depending on the type of service plan you have. You can also send and receive text messages to those in other service provider networks. Not all Sprint phones are SMS text messaging-enabled. The model you choose must indicate that the phone is enabled for SMS communication. You may want to also check to see what fees are associated with sending and receiving text messages, as this varies between plans. Technologically advanced phones, such as the Samsung i600 smartphone and the Treo 650, are taking SMS technologies to the next level of functionality. The Treo 650, for example, can send SMS messages to email accounts as well as cell phones. 290 million people currently rely on Sprint mobile communications to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Today, text messaging is one of the most widely used communication channels.