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About T Mobile Text Message

Is it possible to get your point across without even opening your mouth? It is now, with T Mobile text message capabilities. Without dialing a number or saying hello, you can connect with other mobile phone users around the country, or even around the globe. Text messaging, commonly referred to as 'texting' is the millennium's version of the pager. Only this time, you can deliver full messages as opposed to phone numbers to anyone carrying a mobile phone. Each T Mobile text message allows for a 160-character note. Craft the message using your keypad and then simply click send to deliver the message to anyone in your phone book. Your note is delivered instantaneously. For wireless devices featuring Qwerty technology, you can enjoy a complete keyboard instead of typing on a numeric keypad. Texting also permits the receipt of emails to your wireless T Mobile phone. Each cellular phone comes with an email address. This address is your 10-digit T Mobile phone number followed by (example: This allows computer users to send emails from their home or office computers to you at any remote location.You can also elect to receive other T Mobile text messages. Sign up for alerts to sports scores, your daily horoscope, jokes and much more. For just $.05 per piece ($.15 for international texts), you can send or receive text messages to all other cell phone users--even those in different networking plans. The T Mobile Messaging Value Bundles may offer a more cost-effective text-messaging plan at just $4.95 per month.