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About Accurian Hdtv Receiver

High Definition Television, better known as HDTV, is an extremely popular household product. The HDTV has 1080 lines of visible detail instead of the traditional 480 lines. This provides a brighter, more accurate, and sharper picture than those appearing on standard television. Home theatre systems, especially those consisting of HDTV sets, require an audio/video receiver. Every part of the home theatre system is connected to the receiver by means of cables. The HDTV receiver acts as the controller of this system. There are many manufacturers offering a variety of HDTV receivers in different specifications, and designs. The Accurian HDTV receiver is a popular brand, which was specifically constructed by Digital Stream Electronics, a Korean Company, for Radio Shack. This electronic product is well-designed, elegant, and long-lasting. Advanced and innovative technologies have been incorporated in the design of this product. All digital TV channels conformable to ATSC can be tuned by the Accurian HDTV receiver. One can view condensed and EPG (electronic program guide) details on the DTV station. Multiple closed caption modes, a freeze mode and user-programmable parental V-chip locks are available on this audio/video receiver. There is also a signal strength meter offered on this product. The aspect ratio can vary from 4: 3 up to a 16:9 display modes. One can use the remote to zoom or expand the image on the screen. This product is available with all the relevant connectors such as the HDMI Connectors, S-Video or RCA Jacks. The audio and visual effects are enhanced when one uses this high quality product.