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About Cheap Flat Screen Television

Among flat screen televisions, there are several competing technologies. If you are interested in rear projection flat screen televisions, you can choose among digital light processing (DLP), liquid crystal display (LCD), and liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS). These flat screen televisions offer affordable alternatives to the popular but expensive flat panel technologies.Each of the three technologies employed in rear projection televisions has its advantages and disadvantages. DLP technology operates by reflecting light off of millions of tiny mirrors to create more than one thousand shades of gray, which are then passed through a colorwheel to create different colors on the screen. While DLP technology produces higher contrast compared to other technologies, some viewers are bothered by the 'rainbow effect,' caused by the colorwheel.LCD displays contain three separate panels on which individual pixels open and close to regulate the amount of light that passes through. LCD televisions are noted to be extremely efficient flat screen televisions, and will consume less electricity. While they do not suffer from the 'rainbow effect,' some notice the 'screen door effect' caused by the distance between each of the pixels.LCoS flat screen televisions are something of a hybrid of DLP and LCD technology. While LCoS televisions have higher resolution than many DLP and LCD televisions, they do not offer the same degree of color contrast. As more people make the move to flat panel displays, it will become easier to find cheap flat screen televisions to integrate into home theater systems.