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About Cheap Flat Screen Tv

While older televisions feature a curved screen, flat screen TVs are preferable as they provide less of a surface on which ambient light can reflect. As a result, even in rooms that are brightly lit, there is minimal glare off of flat screen TVs. While there are a myriad of television technologies available, you do not need to spend a significant amount to find a flat screen TV that provides you with superior video quality.The most affordable flat screen TVs are traditional CRT televisions or tube televisions. These use the same technology that has been used for decades, but have a flat glass surface rather than a curved one. Though these are the cheapest flat screen TVs, there is a limit to how large the screens can be.For large flat screen TVs, you may want to consider rear projection televisions. In the past, these televisions were housed in bulky cabinets and took up a considerable amount of floor space. New technologies like DLP, LCD, and LCoS--collectively referred to as microdisplays--have enabled manufacturers to shrink the cabinets, making these televisions often no thicker than a CRT television.Those looking for a sleek design and the thinnest possible television will likely be inclined toward flat panel displays. LCD and plasma televisions are light enough to be hung on walls and as a result, take up no floor space. As all of these technologies continue to improve, the prices associated with flat screen TVs will continue to drop, making it possible to purchase large televisions at a fraction of the price charged just a few years ago.