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About Cheap Lcd Hdtv

If you are looking for a new television on which you can watch high definition broadcasts, there are four main categories from which to choose: direct-view, rear projection, front projection, and flat panels. Direct-view televisions are the tube TVs that have been around for decades, but have been updated with flat screens in your choice of either the 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and the ability to display HD content. Front projection LCD televisions are often less expensive than their DLP counterparts.While front projection televisions allow you to adjust the size of the image that is projected, most consumers in the market for an HDTV will find themselves looking at either flat panel or rear projection televisions. Flat panel LCD HDTVs are available in a number of sizes, with screen sizes that are ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, and family rooms. The same technology is also used for flat computer monitors, some of which can also double as an HDTV--which is an economical alternative if you're on a budget or have limited space.If you are not planning to hang your television on a wall and want a fairly large screen at a reasonable price, rear projection LCD HDTVs are an option to consider. These televisions are much more compact than traditional rear projection televisions, so they will not have as large a footprint. Also, unlike older rear projection televisions, LCD HDTVs are bright enough that you can watch them in almost any room, regardless of lighting conditions.As with all HDTVs, you may find better deals on LCD HDTVs by opting for an HD-ready television. Though this requires an external tuner to receive high definition content, most viewers will find that this is provided by the cable provider. If this is how you will be receiving your high definition content, you can save some money by purchasing an LCD HD-ready TV.