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About Cheap Plasma Tv

Plasma TVs have become much cheaper than they were just two years ago. While the technology has existed for many years, plasma TV displays were once only available commercially, as they were prohibitively expensive for homeowners. The thin and lightweight televisions have now been coupled with improved pictures, leading to one of the hottest trends among home electronics consumers.One of the limitations to early, cheap plasma TVs was that they were simply not capable of reproducing the picture quality of CRT televisions. Among of the most common problems was burn-in, which would occur when a static image such as a stock ticker was displayed for long periods of time. Newer plasma TVs have incorporated technology to minimize screen burn-in and improve the brightness of the screens.If you are looking for a large and cheap television, there are essentially three types of technology that you should consider. Direct view and rear-projection televisions have been the standard for many years, yet they take up a considerable amount of floor space. On the other end of the spectrum, LCD televisions are lighter and thinner than some plasma TVs, but are also considerably more expensive--especially when you are looking for one in a large size.Plasma TVs are immune to the effects of magnetic fields, allowing you to position your speakers without considering their impact on your television. Unlike conventional televisions, you can also choose to mount plasma TVs on either a desktop stand or on your wall. You can also connect your TV to a computer and use it as a crystal-clear display.