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About Pocket Amplifier Pa2v2

PA2V2 is an abbreviation for Pocket Amplifier 2- Version 2. This is a small portable amplifier, which helps to improve the sound quality of speakers. The PA2V2 amplifiers run on AA rechargeable batteries. The amplifier comes with an inbuilt battery re-charger and, thus, the battery runs for 100hrs. The headphones used to listen to the music are to be plugged into to this amplifier, instead of directly being plugged into the music player. As soon as the music is playing, the sound quality of the headphone reaches its optimum level. This is because the amplifier efficiently outputs a powerful bass sound as well as clear high frequencies. The circuit of the PA2V2 is based on the previous model, which won several awards. There are two models of the PA2V2. Each capacitor of 2200 uF (in one model), and 470 uF (in another model), built in the PA2V2, is from Panasonic's high end series of capacitors. The PA2V2 offers certain other advantageous features such as a higher quality Bourns potentiometer, stronger input and output jacks, and a softer control knob that is made in Switzerland. All these parts result in a higher sound quality. The PA2V2 gives an output of 200 mW Root Mean Square (RMS), which gives 610% louder sound. The frequency response of the PA2V2 varies from 5Hz to 40 KHz. For maximum conductivity, the critical components are joined with a thick point to point trace. The Signal to Noise Ratio of the PA2V2 is 100 dB. Each part of the PA2V2 is hand built and is tested by experts. The amplifier measures 2.6 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches. Apart from headphones and speakers, the PA2V2 can be used with computers, MP3 players, DVDs, mini disc players, cassette players, and CDs.