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About Anastasia Snelling

Anastasia, a mesmerizing mix of comedy, adventure, romance and music is an acclaimed animated feature film that depicts the thrilling story of the lost Russian princess Anastasia. It was released on November 21, 1997 in North America. The film derived its inspiration from the 1956 live-action film version of Anastasia produced by Fox. Adapted from a fairy tale story of the legend of Russian grand duchess Anastasia, the film portrays the daughter of Nicholas II escaping the Imperial Palace during the October Revolution and how she survives the slaughter of the Imperial family. The film took quite a few liberties with historical details, with her loosing her memory, battling the lich of the evil monk Grigori Rasputin and Bartok his sidekick, convinces her paternal grand mother of her true identity and falls in love with the Dimitri the kitchen boy, who helps her escape as a youngster. Anastasia was brought to life with dramatic animation, music and the voices of Meg Ryan as Anastasia, John Cusack as Dimitri, Hank Azria as Bartok, Kelsey Grammer as Vladmir, Angela Lansbury as Dowager Empress Marie and Christopher Llyod as Rasputin. Over the three year production stage of the film, more than three million single computer files were complied including 350,000 animation drawings with layouts and backgrounds that were hand painted for 1,350 individual scenes. Don Bluth and Gary Goldman led a team of talented artists from the world over, bringing animation to the next century while still preserving classical animation techniques which were instrumental in establishing a unique medium. Anastasia debuted and topped number two at North American box offices grossing over US$58,403,000 and worldwide at $139,801,000. This movie is known to be one of the most critically acclaimed works of Bluth, and for being one of the few animated features that was produced in the Cinemascope process.