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About Filmreel

Film reels have been used since the beginning of the motion picture era to display movies to audiences. Thanks to advances in digital projection technology, however, many studios are considering abandoning film reels. This move makes sense from an economic point of view. The studios fork over $630 million every year for film reel production and transportation costs.This is to say nothing of the costs that the theaters themselves engender to prepare and store reels in-house. Abandoning film reels for digital projection will make it easier for theaters to save on transportation costs and cut losses on movies that bomb. Moreover, audiences might benefit from this transition, as well, since advanced digital projection technology--pushed for by pioneers such as George Lucas--can provide engrossing cinematic experiences.While filmmakers, like Robert Zemeckis, Robert Rodriguez, and (of course) Lucas, champion digital technology, traditionalists will no doubt put up a fight to save film reel projection. Whoever wins this battle, one thing is certain: film reel collections will markedly increase in value. The art of film reel collection is difficult to master. You need adequate preservation facilities, knowledge of the market, and an in-home projection system to enjoy the reels you gather. Rarity, box office performance, and overall artisanship all play roles in determining film reel values. Collectors may wish to focus on reels produced by a single director or on reels from a single genre or style. Make your collection unique enough to be yours but sensible enough to be marketable to others.