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About Postering

University posters can range from very collectible (posters from Yale in the 1980s that advertise a Jodie Foster play, for example) to worthless (most posters on campus today!). If you want to collect university posters, you should know a thing or two about how to structure an ad campaign.Whether you're putting together a major campaign for a class election or attracting people to an upcoming event, it is important to understand postering etiquette. First of all, remember that your goal should be to catch people's attention. This does not mean cramming your posters with a lot of extraneous information, graphics, or text. Regardless of the relevance of such information, clutter will certainly push away viewers. Collectible posters will follow this rule as well.Be aware that you will lose posters to attrition. People tear down posters, and kiosks get papered over with other posters. The natural elements will also do a number on your posters. Finally, particularly on university campuses, janitorial services will likely remove any long-standing pieces of paper from kiosks. Know your neighborhood's or your school's ''poster half-life'' and develop your marketing strategy accordingly.It may seem intuitive to centralize your posters on kiosks as much as possible. However, studies on human influence suggest that it's better to poster towards the edges of big boards. Look for ''out of the way'' spaces and get distance from the other posters on the boards. Vary the sizes of your posters, as well, so that your audiences don't get ''viewer fatigue.'' In terms of collectible posters, your collection will assume the most value if you collect with a theme. Collect each poster advertising a spring concert series, or of a theater in the park series. You never know which performers will turn out to be major stars, making your collection worth even more.