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About Replica Props Forum

A host of replica props forum sites abound on the Web, but the addresses for these forums change regularly. One of the most popular forums is RPF Prop Planet, which can be found at This forum is devoted primarily to the buying and trading of Star Wars memorabilia and props. All told, there are dozens of reputable replica props forum sites, many of which are devoted to comic book movies and props.Replica forums are also wonderful places to meet collectors who share your hobby. Many visitors post dozens of times a day and know all of the other regular posters. It can be frustrating to rely on these posting boards, however, since they often devolve into quirky personal exchanges. To get important questions answered, direct your query to a few specific members who are ''in the know.''If you can't find a good connection at the replica props forum, look for links to more appropriate prop replica sites. Science fiction and comic book aficionados tend to dominate most of the replica forums. However, you can find prop boards for practically every movie ever made. Prop boards for minor movies usually get folded up into general umbrella forums.Forum experts almost always disagree about values for major props and replicas. These debates over movie ephemera can get quite involved and, at times, quite personal. Steer clear of getting pulled into long winded pricing arguments with avid collectors. Instead, triangulate pricing information by getting multiple quotes for all of your movie props. Average these quotes to get a ballpark value figure.