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About Rpf Prop Planet

RPF Prop Planet is a Star Wars-themed forum devoted to connecting movie ephemera buyers and sellers. The forum includes long threads of discussion about intimate prop details. Prop designers from the second Star Wars trilogy regularly consulted with the expert traders in this forum to ensure the authenticity of the props in their films.RPF Prop Forum is an umbrella for a number of discussion groups. In one thread, you're only allowed to discuss ''information''--you are not allowed to post buying or selling offers. Another thread focuses on so-called ''studio scale modeling,'' which is the art of creating replicas of important scenes or props in miniature. The site's ''general modeling forum'' gives great candid tips for modeling prop students. Costumers can also find a home at RPF Prop Planet. Costume discussions range from vigorous debates over the authenticity of Star Wars wardrobes to more general buying and trading information. To contact other collectors directly, head down to the ''junkyard,'' which is set up much like a newspaper classified section.RPF Prop Planet offers numerous resources, such as archived threads, announcements, off-topic discussion threads, and general news about collecting and about the forum. Typically, posters go under Star Wars-inspired pseudonyms. Puns abound on the names of the major characters from Star Wars. Look for variations on Yoda, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, and Skywalker--you'll find dozens. However, people who are not Star Wars prop fans can collect through RPF as well.