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About Abgone

BioTech Research is a division of Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI and is an Ohio based company. The company is known for research and development in the manufacturing of fitness, and weight loss products. It also makes vitamins, and nutritional supplements to cater to the health conscious people. The company is also involved in developing exercise, weight loss programs, and even exercises equipments. AbGone is a diet supplement manufactured by BioTech Research to reduce fat in the abdomen. It is specially formulated to target water, and fat retention areas in the stomach that results fat in the abdomen. According to research conducted, the abdomen fat is divided into two categories of outer fat, and intestinal fat. AbGone is made of various ingredients, which contain different components that can fight the extra fat in both categories. It contains an essential ingredient called CLA, which is a free fatty acid extracted from safflower oil. It helps in increasing lean body mass, and reducing the fat content. It also contains an ingredient that helps in maintaining the optimal body water supply. AbGone does not contain any stimulants or Ephedra or any ingredients that would harm the user's body in any way. It reduces the cortisol levels, which are responsible for increase in the abdominal fat. The results of the pills would show early if they are supported by proper intake of nutritional food, and regular exercise. The company supplies the pills in different quantities such as 90 day supply, 60 day supply, and 30 day supply. The pills should be taken regularly at least for 4 to 6 months for positive results to show. The directions on the bottle recommend the user to take two pills with a glass of water. AbGone helps to reduce the abdomen fat in a safe and healthy way.