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About Sonicare 8800

The SoniCare 8800 IntelliClean is a technologically advanced electric toothbrush manufactured by Philips. It is one of the first toothbrushes to make use of the sonic toothbrush and liquid toothpaste dispensing system. This system helps in combining the Sonicare high-speed bristle motion with formulated liquid toothpaste from Crest. The SoniCare 8800 IntelliClean toothbrush's technology helps in reducing gum problems, and gingivitis. The toothbrush strokes help in removing stains of tobacco, coffee, and tea. With just a push of a button the toothpaste is dispensed to the user's mouth. The Crest Anti-Cavitiy toothpaste has a formula of sodium fluoride to fight cavities and it ensures fresh breath. The toothbrush is designed to increase its capacity to reach relatively inaccessible areas of the inside of the mouth. The integrated Dual speed control system allows the user to select optimal speed for gentle cleaning of the softer areas. The two minute Speed Timer limits the brushing time to 2 minutes. The additional quadpacer feature emits a beep after every 30 seconds, to alert the user to change the brushing sides. The SoniCare 8800 IntelliClean unit comes with IntelliClean handle, and an additional brush head. The package also includes charger base with easy-wrap chord, and a brush holder. It also comes with 6 Crest toothpaste cartridges that are sufficient to be used at least 160 times. SoniCare can be easily carried while traveling, in a compact travel case, which is also included in the package. It also comes with a CD-ROM to explain the user on the usage of the SoniCare electric toothbrush.