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About Agent 18 Clickshield

Agent 18 Clickshield is the popular hard, protective case manufactured for all of Apple's Fourth Generation iPods. Casings are required for these iPods, as they tend to get scratched or damaged easily, because of their sensitive face, and delicate overall structure. Agent 18 has offered the click shield iPods, which are available in three sizes i.e. 20, 40 and 60 GB full-sized iPods. They also offer a Mini Shield designed specifically for the iPod mini, besides making other models such as the Minishock, Shield 4 Shuffle, and Apple iPod socks. This Clickshield appears in a two-piece shell form such that it fits all shapes and sizes of iPods and iPod minis. The entire iPod is encased by the front and rear pieces of the Clickshield with the exception of the hold switch, click wheel and the edge at the bottom. Thus, the top as well as the bottom of the iPod tends to be more exposed by this cover. This is excellent feature as it helps one to access these parts for charging and using of favorite accessories while the casing is still on. The use of polycarbonate and such other high-quality material for the casing makes the Agent 18 Clickshield strong, durable, light, and almost invisible. The design on this Clickshield makes it sleek and useful for the users of the Fourth Generation Apple iPods. Storage and transportation of these multimedia devices are much safer and easier due to this protective case.