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About Buy Cds Wholesale

For those of us who are serious about building a legitimate compact disc collection, finding a good source for inexpensive, but still high quality CDs is vital. The key phrase here is 'high quality,' as there are unscrupulous CD vendors who sell ultra-cheap CDs that are of the poorest possible quality (often bootlegs or duplicates produced on home stereo equipment). One great way to find a quality CD outlet is to look for vendors that sell CDs wholesale to the public. Wholesale CDs should be significantly cheaper than retail (which can be $17.00 and up), and finding good CDs as low as five dollars apiece is not uncommon. When looking for a CD supplier who sells at wholesale prices, the main difficulty is finding one that has a good selection. There are plenty of wholesale CD vendors that sell CDs from artists no one has heard of. They can offer their CDs at rock bottom prices simply because nobody wants their CDs. Additionally, it is important to thoroughly research a CD vendor's shipping costs before you purchase from them. Some wholesale CD vendors will offer significantly reduced shipping costs for orders over a set amount. You might have some trouble finding wholesale prices on collectible or rare import CDs. These often high-priced pieces of memorabilia are hard to find, and their rarity warrants their high price. Wholesale CDs are, by and large, going to be mainstream pop, R&B, rap, and dance CDs. The better vendors will also have a scattering of jazz and classical wholesale CDs for sale.