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Promoted item:Ford : Other CUSTOMLINE STATION WAGON


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About Wagon

The station wagon enjoyed its heyday in the United States in the late 1950s and 1960s. During this golden era, most major manufacturers produced a number of body styles and vehicles, including four-door and two-door wagons. Curiously, before the 1950s, station wagons were primarily employed as commercial utility vehicles, since they were constructed on top of truck platforms.Station wagons are distinguished from other cars by their passenger cabin heights. The typical sedan style station wagon extends its passenger cabin back to the rear of the vehicle, which made the car perfect for family vacations and touring the countryside. This design is very different from the design of the hatchback car, which features an independent trunk space. Some popular station wagons from the 1960s include the Mercury Commuter II and the Ford Escort MK III. Most Japanese manufacturers 'missed the boat' on the American station wagon phenomenon. However, Nissan released a wagon called the Avenir, and Toyota later came out with the 1979 Corolla Wagon. These vehicles were typically aimed at the suburban consumer market. They sold well primarily because they offered lots of room, extra safety features, and customizations like rear seat reconfiguration.In the 1980s, station wagons faded in popularity as minivans, otherwise known as MVNs, enchanted suburban drivers. Minivans offered more possible configurations and a lot more room. Whereas station wagons were certainly 'cars,' minivans were almost small trucks. The 'minivan phase' eventually ended, as well, and these vehicles were replaced by the big dynamic sport utility vehicles of the 1990s and 2000s. For those who still prefer the style of the old-fashioned station or sport wagon, however, many used models can be found for sale,