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About Weider Pro 4250

Manufactured by the brand Weider, the PRO 4250 is a home gym system designed for home use alone. Weider, which was established in 1942, has designed various weight loss programs. Its founder, Joe Weider, is a world-famous body builder. Some of the products designed by him include machines, equipment, and other health care products for body building, fitness, health, and wellness. The Weider brand has been in existence for the past 70 years, and is listed on the NYSE (1997). The Weider PRO 4250 is similar to the Weider PRO 4100. The only difference between them is in the overall appearance of the instruments as well as the dimensions. The PRO 4250 measures 77 inches x 81 inches x 59 inches. It is meant for use on leveled surfaces, for anyone above the age of 12 years and weight below 300 pounds. As the machine's amount of resistance is increased, it pushes the muscles to the maximum endurance limit, hence, providing a complete work-out for the muscles. However, the resistance of the machine should be increased progressively, either by changing the amount of weight used or by changing the set of activities performed on this home gym. The Weider PRO 4250 is equipped with a military press for the shoulders and the upper arms. Butterfly arms and press arms have been installed for the arms, the chest, and the shoulders. The system has a backrest to prevent injuries and slipped discs while exercising. For exercising the muscles of the legs, the system is enhanced with a leg lever which works on the hamstrings, a leg press plate for the quadriceps, and a foot plate for absorbing shocks. The upper pulley and the lower pulley connect to the weight and, thus, the user can adjust the weights and intensity according to his or her capacity.