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About Guild War Cd Keys

Guild Wars Prophecies also known as Guild wars is a computer game created by ArenaNet, which is a subsidiary of popular game publisher NCsoft of South Korea. Guild Wars is a competitive/Cooperative Online Role-Playing Game (CORPG). Guild Wars are also considered to be a Massively-Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), which is different in its approach than most of the other contemporary games; as it eliminates all the tedious aspects that these games have. A player can select up to eight battling skills. A player has to use these skills effectively and win the battle against the competitive player. When a player buys an original version of Guild Wars Game, he is provided with a CD key that will help him to start install the game and secure his copy of game at the same time. The CD key also helps the manufacturers to stop piracy of their games. After the player has installed the game to his computer he can start the quest and soon reach the most interesting part of the games. The quest and the challenges are designed in the beginning of the game, so that the player need not spend hours to get the quest started. There is no gender bar to the Guild Wars heroes. A Guild Wars hero can be a male or a female, according to the player's choice. Not only can the player decide the gender of his hero, but a player can also use 30 combinations of 6 professions and 150 unique skills per character.